Here at Round 1, we know that a comfortable and ergonomic layout is integral to your play performance. And we all have our preferences. If you are unsure of which layout is best for you, we suggest printing the template and placing your hand on the diagrams to see which feels best.

Templates can be found at

All Round 1 Fightsticks are cut with precision machines to ensure you’ll receive an accurate layout, that best fit your hands.

Vewlix is one of the most common layouts on fighsticks you'll see.

Vewlix Layout

Sega (Astro City) Player 1 is the standard among Japanese arcade machines and is designed to be ergonomic for your button hand, which allows quick and precise play. Situated as the player one, the button layout is designed for the right elbow to be tucked in.

Sega (Astro City) P1

Sega (Astro City) Player 2 is very similar to the Sega (Astro City) Player 1 layout, but the buttons are less slanted, resulting in less of a right elbow tuck.

Sega (Astro City) P2

Since we cut and design everything in house, if you want something completely custom, just shoot us an email.

For more detail on fightstick layouts head over to SLAGCOIN.